Your first contact with our clinic is bound to be a pleasant one, as Casie, Jade, Connie, and Tammy are dedicated to being up-beat and helpful.  They can schedule an appointment for your pet, answer many of your pet-care questions, put you in touch with a technician or veterinarian, and help you arrange for Care Credit if needed.  If they can't put a smile on your face, no one can!


Dr. Ponce decided to become a veterinarian as soon as she learned what the word meant.  She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine in 2000, and has diligently pursued her main interests in ultrasound and internal medicine. Dr. Ponce's very tolerant husband, Mario, talked her into marrying him by offering to buy her a lot of animals.  He is a senior programmer analyst at Renaissance Learning, and divides his free time between caring for their sons, their pets, their vehicles, and their home.  In other words, he doesn't have much free time!  The Ponces purchased the Animal Medical and Surgical Clinic of Wisconsin Rapids in October of 2015.  


Technicians are the workhorses and unsung heroes of any veterinary practice.  We are lucky to have two Certified Veterinary Technicians, Roberta and Matt, as well as two CVTs-in-training, Tammy and Carly.  If you've been coming to the clinic for a while, you'll recognize Tammy and Roberta: each has been here for over ten years!  All of our technical staff members are knowledgeable animal-lovers.  They assist with collecting samples for diagnostic testing, placing intravenous catheters and endotracheal tubes, taking x-rays, administering therapy laser treatments, monitoring surgical patients, scaling teeth and taking dental radiographs, making follow-up calls, and educating pet owners.  We could not function without them!


Dr. Dane Jespersen graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine in 2001.  He joined the practice in 2014 at a time when its future was in jeopardy.  He is an excellent veterinarian with special interests in small animal dentistry and reproductive care.  Before attempting to purchase the practice, Dr. Ponce made sure that Dr. Dane was willing to stay and work for her.  We are very lucky to have him!



Connie has been with the Animal Medical and Surgical Clinic almost since the doors first opened!  She is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of the practice, and is critical member of our staff.  She is also a rabid Green Bay Packer fan, so whether you have questions about veterinary care or the Packers, she's the one to call!