Meet the Team

Welcome to Annie whose experience includes both human and animal medicine.  She hopes to continue her education and obtain her certification as a veterinary technician.

Kelly is a certified veterinary technician.  She started her career here in September of 2018.  Prior to that she demonstrated her commitment to the community by sharing her skills at the Boys and Girls Club, as well as the humane society!   She was involved in the adoption of many local pets. ​In her free time, Kelly is mom to Ryland and some very spoiled pets.

Tammy  has been part of the clinic in different positions since 2003!  Currently her talents are put to good use as an assistant.  She is always a client favorite due to her experience, friendly nature, and good humor.  Tammy has two dogs, a three legged cat, and one very tolerant husband.

We are delighted to add Sydney to  our growing staff.  She has many years of veterinary assistant experience, as well as customer service experience.  

Mandi is a Certified Veterinary Technician and a new addition to our clinic.  She came to us with many years of experience in the veterinary field, including time spent as the head technician at an animal shelter.  Mandi is the master of fostering and re-homing animals -- sometimes in her own home, but that's beside the point!

Roberta is a certified veterinary technician who has shared her talents with us since 2005!  Roberta has her own set of fans due to her dedication to her clients and their pets.  Her love of educating others in pet care and her attention to detail make her a huge asset to our clinic and the community. 

Technicians are the workhorses and unsung heroes of any veterinary practice.  In addition to our technician manager, Monica, we are thrilled to have three Certified Veterinary Technicians  and three highly skilled technicians .  If you've been coming to the clinic for a while, you'll recognize Tammy and Roberta: each has been here for over ten years!  All of our technical staff members are knowledgeable animal-lovers.  They assist with collecting samples for diagnostic testing, placing intravenous catheters and endotracheal tubes, taking x-rays, administering therapy laser treatments, monitoring surgical patients, scaling teeth and taking dental radiographs, making follow-up calls, and educating pet owners.  We could not function without them!