The Animal Medical and Surgical Clinic of Wisconsin Rapids is a small business operating as a limited liability corporation.  

The business under the name of The Animal Medical And Surgical Clinic originated in 1977 with Dr. Mark Schaack, and operated at 1911 Washington Street in Wisconsin Rapids.  The success and growth of the clinic contributed to the building of a new facility at the current location of 1221 Parkwood Drive in June of 1994.

In 2009, Dr. Kim Krause and her husband Tim purchased the clinic.  Shortly thereafter Dr. Schaack retired and moved to Utah.  Dr. Kim Krause moved out of the country a few years later, and the two remaining veterinarians left to start their own practice.  After a few months of employing relief veterinarians sporadically,  Tim was able to convince Dr. Dane Jespersen to come on board while a new owner was sought.  Client retention is attributed to the relationship that long term employees Connie Friday-Saylor, Tammy Krause, Roberta Noonan, and Jade Johnson had established with clientele.  

Dr. Kristie Ponce and her husband Mario purchased the practice and real estate on October 15, 2015 after securing reassurances that all currently employed staff members (Dr. Dane, Connie, Tammy, Roberta, Jade, Casie, Matt, and Carly) would stay.  

Dr. Ponce graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in 2000.  She worked at a multi-doctor facility near Madison for three years prior to coming to work for Dr. Schaack from 2003 - 2007.  She took a hiatus from practicing veterinary medicine in order to home school her sons, then worked at another small animal clinic in Wisconsin Rapids as well as the Central Wisconsin Animal Emergency Center (currently PAW Health Animal Emergency Center) prior to purchasing AMSC.

Mario Ponce graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point in 1996 with a degree in computer systems analysis and design.  He is a senior programmer-analyst with Renaissance Learning.

As a team, our vision for the clinic is to better meet the needs of our community, both now and in the future, by adhering to the following goals:

     -- To provide our community with affordable options for high-quality preventative and curative care;
     -- To provide client and community education in preventative veterinary medical care to insure pets’ health and community health at large;
     -- To promote continued excellence in standards of veterinary care in our community by mentoring students and recent graduates of programs          within the veterinary field.
     -- To provide an enjoyable, satisfying, and intellectually stimulating work environment for clinic employees.

We welcome the opportunity to be a part of your pet's health care team!