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Meet the Team

Tina was hired in June of 2018.  She is a cat lover at heart, but don't tell that to the dog and snake that share her home!  Tina enjoys interacting with clients and all types of  pets during the course of her day.  Tina gives 100% each day and is ready to lend a hand on a moment's notice.

Grey was also hired in the fall of 2018. Her qualifications include both human and animal medical experience.  She changes roles between receptionist and assistant from day to day. Her tiny stature and quiet, gentle nature make Grey a calming presence for anxious pets and their people. She shares her home with one biped (that's veterinarian-talk for "human"), two Alaskan Malamutes, and a very well-loved cat.   

                                              Meet Our Front Desk Staff!

Your first contact with our clinic is bound to be a pleasant one, as  Emily, Tina, Grey, and Connie are dedicated to being up-beat and helpful.  They can schedule an appointment for your pet, answer many of your pet-care questions, put you in touch with a technician or veterinarian, and help you arrange for Care Credit if needed.  If these ladies can't put a smile on your face, no one can!

September brought us another new, fresh face.  Emily's vivacious personality and love for animals will brighten your day.  She enjoys spending time with her two dogs, and has recently taken the bold step of attempting to raise sea monkeys and aquarium fish.