Awesome Doctors. Very caring and compassionate. Great staff and great service

About Our Clinic


Meet Our Team


Dr. Kristie Ponce

Owner and animal lover.

Dr. Dane Jespersen

Caring and professional.

What to Expect

The Animal Medical and Surgical Clinic was established by the Schaacks in 1993.  By valuing every client and offering the best possible care that he could, Dr. Schaack developed a practice that had an excellent reputation in the community.  There have been some changes since he retired, but as of October of 2015, the clinic has come under the ownership of Dr. Kristie Ponce and her husband Mario.  They, along with an exceptional staff, share Dr. Schaack's vision: for Animal Medical and Surgical Clinic of Wisconsin Rapids to offer high-quality, compassionate care to the pets in our community.

Certified Veterinary Technicians

Roberta and Matt have extra training.



Jade and Casie will make you smile!

Veterinary Technicians

Tammy and Carly are on their way to becoming certified.



Top notch. Latest equipment and tender, compassionate care of pets and their owners.

Connie Friday-Saylor

Our exceptional clinic manager.